Rescue Story Ministries

Hi! I’m Kelsey Godfrey and the founder of Rescue Story Ministries. As a middle school reading/writing teacher in addition to being an avid lover of books, stories, and writing, I thought that I could pen a much better story for myself than God could have done for me. We all have stories that are handwritten by the maker of the universe, the author of all creation. Why is it that we find ourselves wanting to write our own story? God reminded me in a not-so-gentle way that HE is in control and His ways are better than our ways. After being given a story that I never ever ever would have written for myself, I’m using that to help share the story of others and bring honor to the name of Jesus.

Rescue Story Ministries aims to share powerful stories of the work God is doing in the lives of believers. God is a god of rescue, redemption, and restoration and He is faithful in all things. I have been a firsthand recipient of His faithfulness and His goodness and I want to be able to give others a voice to share their own experiences. No matter what season of life you are currently in, I pray that you will find peace and encouragement through the stories shared with Rescue Story Ministries.

In addition to this blog, we will also have a Facebook page, YouTube channel, and podcast. You will find stories of rescue and redemption while also finding daily inspiration and encouragement in your Christian walk. Thanks for being a part of this ministry! If you want to share your story or just chat, you can email me at