Hi there! I’m Kelsey. I work as a teacher at the middle school where I attended as a student and I attend Shoreline Church in Knoxville, TN. I love traveling, writing, reading, eating cookie dough, and snuggling sweet babies. I started Rescue Story Ministries after undergoing a huge personal tragedy that completely disrupted and uprooted my life. I spent months not talking about it and desperately praying to God that this wouldn’t be *my* story. As God often does, He showed me that His plans were much different than mine and that His plans were better than mine. Sometimes things don’t turn out like you planned, but God is always faithful.

It is my goal through the Rescue Story Ministries blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and podcast to share other stories of people (primarily women) who have been rescued by Jesus. We serve a God who rescues, redeems, and restores, and we all have a story worth sharing. I hope that I am able to help provide the microphone for others to blast their voice to the world and share of how God was the author of their rescue stories. He is faithful in all things and I am thankful to be in a place today where I can boldly profess that faithfulness to others. Thank you for following along.